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Premium toasted homemade muesli for those who crave a wholesome, delicious breakfast cereal.


If you commence a subscription order during March 2015 (of any size or frequency) and maintain it for 1 year, I will guarantee that in the month of March 2016 I will courier your order free of any cost to you -
in other words one month of free muesli!

For those customers already with a subscription the news is the same – so long as your order is maintained until March 2016 your supply that month will be free!

Do you want an awesome kick start to your day? Well, treat your taste buds to the unique taste of Granpa BB’s toasted muesli — a new breakfast cereal that’s been in the making since Granpa BB, aka Frank Hogan, began making his own homemade muesli over 40 years ago.

Muesli.. jam-packed with goodness

Granpa BB’s toasted muesli is packed with 28 ingredients and is especially developed for those who seek maximum benefit from the most important meal of the day — breakfast. View our breakfast recipe to learn more.

The 3 points of difference to other toasted muesli

1. Simply put, Granpa BB’s tastes better than other muesli. This is because 60% of the product consists of fruit, seeds,nuts and honey – and then there is maple syrup, natural vanilla extract, cinnamon.. the list goes on and on. The sheer volume, variety and quality of these ingredients form the foundation of Granpa BB’s unique breakfast experience.

2. There are also fewer rolled oats than in normal muesli, but still plenty — 20 % in fact — and they are blended with other healthy cereals (bran, oatbran, wheatgerm and buckwheat).

3. Before toasting, the cereals are drizzled with a delicious mixture of canola oil, honey, maple syrup, natural vanilla and cinnamon.

…Simply a better breakfast taste

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